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Life With No Sports

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Alright, take a deep breath.

You're in desperate need of sports and good news, and that's why you're here on this 19-year-old's sports blog. Scary. Unfortunately, we have no sports and I have no good news for you (although that doesn't mean that there isn't any)(Also… that doesn't mean stop reading).

Can we please give a round of applause to Rudy Gobert? The man responsible for shutting down the NBA and the NCAA Tournament… all because Mr. Funny Guy wanted to tease the Coronavirus. Don't call the alligator big mouth 'till you've crossed the river, Rudy. His careless behavior resulted in the league being shut down, Donovan Mitchell and Pistons' Christian Wood testing positive for the virus, and essentially scaring the NCAA into canceling their March Madness tournament. But keep making jokes, Rudy. They're really funny.

It's disappointing that the NCAA Tournament and all spring championships are canceled, but we can all (hopefully) agree on the decision. It's understandable to argue for the spring sports, but I'm sure that in several weeks, we will understand it all. Sucks. I know. But probably the right decision.

The worst part about it, without a doubt, is the players and stories that we'll never get to see. Imagine all the players that either put their names on the map or raise their stock during the NCAA Tournament. Is there a Ja Morant going No. 2 without the NCAA Tournament? It's a shame that we'll never get to witness and follow these stories from mid-major colleges on a national stage.

I'm focusing on basketball, but all other winter and spring sports that were canceled are under the same virus-infected umbrella. The swimmers, the hockey players, the baseball players. It's a horribly unfortunate scenario, but it is what it is right now. (The NCAA is also in the process of establishing "eligibility relief" for all D-1 spring sport athletes in order for seniors to retain one more year to play). If you're a college athlete and somehow stumbled across this website on the second page of Google, all I can tell you is that bumpy roads lead to beautiful places and that it all happens for a reason.

Regarding all professional sports, fans, you'll see them again. Whether the rest of the seasons are canceled, or whether their seasons are just postponed… just be patient and self-quarantine yourselves.

I want to finish by acknowledging the absolute beauty that is sports. I like to think that there are three unifying forces in this world: Music, Food, and most powerfully, Sports. It's in this time when we are without sports that we realize just how important a role they play in so many of our lives. Without rain, we would never appreciate the sun.

It's easy to downsize sports and say, "Oh, well, it's only a game." But can we recognize the magnitude of sports? How they bring us together? How the whole country stops for a month and watch student-athletes play basketball? Or how about when we all associate the beginning of spring with the reemergence of baseball? Or the end of the NBA or NHL seasons? I think you get it. These things are huge in our lives, and living without them can actually help us to appreciate the unifying force behind these "games."

And we can use this time to do other things that we normally don't do. Learn to play the piano or something. Become absolutely sick at the Rubik's Cube you haven't touched in maybe 12 years. I played wiffle ball with my neighbors and old baseball teammates that I haven't seen in years yesterday... something we haven't done for quite some time (I used hand sanitizer after every at-bat, so you can refrain from chastising me). Just try something new!

So, everyone, take a breath, stay away from people, read a book, and take time to reflect…

because if they cancel the Masters, I'm gonna throw a tantrum.

Wash your damn hands.

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